Curriculum Awards Title Sponsorship

In 2018 our Back to Homeschool Curriculum Awards received 1,930 votes from Homeschoolers and they loved referring back to the guide for curriculum recommendations during the year.

This year we have an exclusive opportunity….

YOUR BUSINESS could be the Title sponsor of Back to Homeschool Curriculum Awards in July 2019!! Each site will be running an awards guide with a Title sponsor for each (,,, and

What will you get?

YOUR BUSINESS will be featured in the title:

“Back to Homeschool Curriculum Awards Sponsored by YOUR BUSINESS”

YOUR LOGO will be part of all promotional elements to encourage the Homeschoolers to vote for their favorites:

  • Minimum 2 emails to our registered users
  • Minimum of 10 social posts to our fans and boosted to our fans Homeschool friends
  • 2 blog posts and home page promotion for 2 weeks
  • 25,000 display impressions
  • Back to Homeschool Curriculum Guide Sponsored by YOUR BUSINESS will remain on the site for a minimum year with link back to YOUR BUSINESS

You will also receive these elements dedicated to YOUR BUSINESS:

  • 1 Dedicated email to our registered users
  • 2 Blog and 2 social posts about your business:

    • The first one when the voting is announced in the beginning of July and the second one after the awards are chosen
  • 50,000 display impressions

Total Value of the entire package per site (cost if each item was purchased separately): $5,000

Total Cost to YOUR BUSINESS: $2,750

Savings: $2,250

You can choose Title Sponsorship of,, or